Friday, February 10, 2012

Well, as I write this, I am officially 11 months into my Sisterlocks journey.  I can honestly say that this has been a humbling, eye-opening, exciting and educational experience.  If I were to answer any questions concerning regrets, I would have to say that I have but one: that I had not done this sooner - like YEARS AGO!  The fact is I wouldn't have been ready years ago.  Unfortunately, I did not have the full appreciation of black hair, of my hair, or the maturity and self-confidence to handle, embrace and truly love dreadlocks - Sisterlocks.

My parents were always culturally aware, socio-political folks.  My dad, in particular, always advocated natural hair, and our mom, while no stranger to the straight comb, NEVER wanted either sister or myself to put chemicals in our hair.  Speaking for myself, I was the victim of low self-esteem, and like most teens, wanted to fit-in.  Although both my sister and I donned afros for a stint during the 70's, between pop-cultural and peer pressure to conform, my poor hair never stood a chance.

Anyway, the good news is that I grew up, and decided I wanted something different for myself, my hair and my health.

Here are a few headshots of my Sisterlocks at 10 months into my journey!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

docs locs: African Hair and It's Significance: Connecting to ...

docs locs: African Hair and It's Significance: Connecting to ...: I'm Hoping OnixIsis keeps this one up on Youtube.

This is a thoughtful, intellectual and creative presentation of the cultural history of our hair.  Please view this with your daughters (and sons).

Saturday, September 24, 2011

WTF??? Where The Heck I've Been

Okay, so saying that I'm way overdue with posts and updates is quite the understatement.  But I'll tell you what, I really appreciate the work it takes to keep up a blog!

Life has been busy and eventful, and my Sisterlocks have hung in there with me through all the life changes.  I am now six months Sisterlocked, and I'm loving the change in both texture, fullness and length.  Still think its the best decision I've ever made, and am learning that patience, much like that which you must display in life, is simply part of the journey.

Meantime, I bought a car in April, my son has been working full time for Coca Cola for at least the last four to five months now, my sister graduated from University of Phoenix with her Bachelor's in Business (Administration or Management) - can't seem to remember which one, and I'm so proud of her.  My personal life is still quite the mess, but THAT'S FITTIN' TO CHANGE (despite what some might think), the car's water pump and two belts need replacement (as of August), and I'm back in school finishing up the degree work I walked away from 27 years ago.

I've been self-maintaining since about my third month of being Sisterlocked, but still see my beautiful loctitian, Candace Smith, here in Philadelphia, every four weeks so that she can ensure I'm NOT looking crazy, and consequently, she has changed my lock pattern - mainly because my hair is rather fine and medium textured.  This new lock pattern will create more volume and less of just straight hanging locks.

I really am going to try to get better at posting more frequently.  Its almost embarrassing posting anything at this point, especially when I know so many of my favorite bloggers do so on a much more regular basis.  (BlaqKofi and Curlynugrowth, I aspire to be as devoted as you:-])  But in any event, hope you enjoy the short video attached hereto that shows my progress!  PEACE & HAIR GREASE:-0)

Six-Month Update

Saturday, June 11, 2011

INTRODUCTION & MY CATCH-YOU-UP (3 Months Sisterlocked)

Don't ask me why a month or two after coming up with the name for my blog I'm finally getting around to putting something ON my blog...long story, trust me.  Call me a procrastinator, a perfectionist, a chicken or maybe a combination of both, but here goes:-)

I'm Donnagwen and am COO-COO for Sisterlocks!  At the time of this posting, I am 12 weeks Sisterlocked and loving it. Even though I've not posted during my first three months, I have managed to take a couple of videos and shots to chronicle my journey. They may not be perfect, but the attached photos and vids should quickly run you through some of my "before and after" as of this date.

Not unlike alot of sister-bloggers who use their blogs to chronicle their Sisterlocks journey/process, so too shall I.  However, part of my motivation for starting MY BLOG is to have a forum to vent some of my frustrations, share my observations and share my thoughts and feelings about hair as reflected in social, cultural, economic and political life, especially as seen around my hometown of Philadelphia, PA and hopefully with a great deal of humor!  LIFE'S WAY TO SHORT, AND WHEN YOU'RE UNHAPPY, LORD KNOWS IT CAN BE LOOONNNGGGG:-) So, since I love to laugh, I'm probably gonna say stuff that'll leave you thinking I'm not a well puppy!  It's okay, though, the jury's still out on that.  Nonetheless, I hope you find this blog worthy of your time, attention and interest, and look forward to your responses to future posts.